2011-05-21 - 9:24 a.m.

Whenever I wear my headphones at work I've noticed that people who come up to talk to me speak to me in a slower, quieter tone than usual. Like, speaking more quietly is going to make it easier for me to hear you over what's coming from my MP3. It drives me crazy. I listen to my books at a volume that allows me to hear everything going on around me. So when someone, especially someone who normally has a VERY loud voice, stands in front of me and speaks well below their normal volume and I have to remove my headphones and ask them to repeat themselves, I want to kill them.

Work was much better this week. Of course...because last week I sent a hopeful e-mail to a restaurant owner who is currently building a new restaurant to replace the restaurant that was torn down so a super crapMart could be built. (whose e-mail address I happened to have from last year when I wanted to attend a wine tasting dinner they were having and she and I were exchanging e-mails about the possibility of having a vegetarian dinner) So she wrote me back immediately and told me they would be hiring in July and requested my resume which I sent along with a little letter about myself and an explanation for WHY I could possibly want a restaurant job to replace my current job that offers VACATION DAYS and the possibility to be ill without having to jump through hoops to get the day off and a steady income. (my main reason, really, is the lack of freedom...if I am going to make thirty thousand dollars a year (which is my pathetic steady salary) I would rather do it in a place where I can work four days a week and have the ability to say, "hey, can I work Tuesday instead of Friday next week?")

ANYWAY...she got my resume and wrote me another e-mail telling me that she'd like to meet me and so she's coming to the store to see me some time next week. (as it turns out she lives in the same village as I do) So that's all could turn out that my plan might actually work. Truly the only things I will miss from my current job are things that shouldn't really be of concern. I'll miss listening to audio books. I'll miss drinking copious amounts of tea (and having time to go to the bathroom fifty times a day!) and I'll miss the fact that I can have an OFF day mentally or physically and it doesn't cause any great detriment. In the restaurant world you have to be on your game (or, at least you should be. I consider myself a professional in the field.)

I hate that I have to make this decision.


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