2011-05-31 - 5:09 p.m.

Well...that was a pretty good two weeks. I didn't mind being at work, I actually had work to do while I was there and I was making lots of progress with my audio book and people were being really nice and happy and upbeat and for just a minute there I really thought that we had all just suffered horribly over the winter from lack of light. (because we work in a windowless concrete building)

But then...they started firing people again. I don't like people to get fired. Firing makes me really angry because while I always see the reason why they don't want the person around...that reason is always apparent from the get go. I've been 100% so far in knowing who is going to get fired. I wouldn't have even hired them in the first place. Uh, hello? This last firing really hurt though because it was a fellow manager and he's only been there for five months and he didn't do anything wrong and a manager should never be fired after five months, that's barely enough time to get used to the rhythm of things. I knew from his first day that it wasn't going to work, he didn't seem like the type of person they should have managing a department in a "gourmet" grocery store. Anyway.

There is the firing crap going on and then today we were all talking about something and one of the greenhouse guys brings up the birds that are living in the eaves. And he goes on to tell us that the other day they had to take all the birdnests out of the eaves and throw them in the garbage. At which point I ask, "WERE THERE EGGS IN THEM?" and he tells me, no, there weren't eggs, there WERE BABY BIRDS. And they threw them in the dumpster.

This is not a joke.

I asked him what kind of person it made him feel like to do something like that and then I told him to bring me any baby birds he's going to throw away in the future and then I went back to my corner, packed up my shit and stood there for the next hour waiting to go home.

I just can't take this.


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