2010-09-11 - 10:21 a.m.

I specifically remember the moment I said, "this is a closed house now, we have no more vacancies". I really felt that was an honest statement, like, having TEN cats was way more than I could handle already. So it shocks me that number eleven and twelve are currently in the spare bedroom awaiting their shots and then the tortuous months when we release them into the household and all hell breaks loose for awhile before everybody settles back into the happy family we are currently. Argh. Number eleven and twelve are thirteen-ish and the victims of divorce/evil people. Their woman human had had them since they were kittens but after getting divorced decided she didn't want them any longer and was going to have someone SHOOT them in order to avoid paying for euthanasia. There isn't a thing wrong with these cats. In fact, I am pretty certain they are the easiest cats on the planet. They are very healthy, they are very friendly, they have zero behavioral problems and the gray one, Crash, talks. He chatters on and on all day. Chatter, not meow or howl, he chatters at you. You can't get better than a talking cat.

Anyway. Having twelve cats is an extraordinary amount of work. I am very overloaded. Twelve cats also eat an extraordinary amount of food.

And just because I am a glutton...yesterday I acquired three more fish. I really didn't want to ever have more fish, fish are heartbreaking. I just watched my all time favorite fish, Button, die over the course of five days. He suffered and there was nothing I could do. But damn, these fish were sitting in those stupid way too small cups and the water was so murky you couldn't even see the fish in there! I wrote a really nasty letter on a paper towel and left it on the fish counter. And then I took the three fish in the nastiest cups. Like an idiot.

In other news. Work is fine. I've taken to listening to my MP 3 player most of the day because the unhappy women I work with in the kitchen are becoming too intolerable. It's an all day slanderous gossip fest back there. There isn't one person in that entire place that I feel I could be friends with. Which is weird. I always have friends. The people I get along with best at my new job is the teenagers...but that's not really appropriate. So I just plug my headphones in and cut cheese in my blissful corner all day. It's nice. I'm planning to get really smart. I actually don't like listening to music through headphones so I am going to order some language courses and then maybe some of those courses from that Great Courses place.

I haven't mowed my lawn in a really long time. It's past a certain point now and all the grass just kind of lays flat. I should probably mow it before winter. But I am just not in the mood anymore. I have too many cats to take care of.


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