2010-05-20 - 9:51 p.m.

I've been cutting a lot of cheese! Haha! I love to say that. Really though, I literally have been handling and cutting hundreds of pounds of cheese every day. Today, for example, I cut a 75 lb wheel of Parmesan into little triangles. And then I cut 20 lbs of Havarti into squares, five pounds of St. Andre into triangles, ten pounds of cheap swiss into chunks, ten pounds of aged cheddar into rectangles...AND...I made 60 lbs of peanut butter! What a day!

I love my new job. I get calls now. You can hear, "Whisper, call on line one, Whisper, call on line one," all day long over the store's speakers. I have people trying to sell me cheese! I also get to leave instructional notes to people because I have been encouraged to change the entire way the cheese department has been functioning. So I get to leave notes that say, "this is how we are going to cut the cheese from now on," and, "this is how we are going to do samples from now on," and, "please stock the pita chips (because I was too lazy to do it myself)". This is good.

In other news.

Going to Kalamazoo tomorrow. Meeting an old friend for lunch. Haven't seen him in fifteen years. I am excited to see him. I am also excited to go to Kalamazoo! I miss it so. Home is such a strange thing. I love Milford now, I feel at home here (especially now that I work right here)...but I do wonder if I will ever feel as connected to Milford (or this side of the state) as I do Kalamazoo? I hate having to feel this way. I like to feel at home. I don't like to miss something this much. I guess I also miss Paris a lot too. Kalamazoo, Paris and Milford. Geesh.

My head hurts.

Scorpions concert July 1st. Can. Not. Wait!!!!

That is all.


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