2008-10-08 - 4:15 p.m.

This morning when I walked into work I saw my dessert board had been changed over the weekend. And mousse was spelled..muose... and sundae was spelled sunday.... and raspberry was spelled rasberry. I almost had a fucking aneurism.

The OTHER winebar that I have been wanting to work at since March called this afternoon to set up an interview. !!! If I get the job there then that means that I totally did the right thing by not quitting my day job. And that will be a good thing for me because I've been kind of sick to my stomach about not quitting, especially after walking in to see 'muose' and then listening to catty waitresses being catty and ridiculous all morning. But yay! If I can work at the winebar a few nights a week that means I can keep my day job and not be stressed about it being my only means of income!

Anyway. I am being a horrible host the last two days. I just can't think of cool things to do with Fabien. Today I just wanted to come home and relax after work but he's been sitting here all day, alone with the cats, watching movies. He probably wants to go do something. Gak. Monday I took him to the mall and to Home Depot. Yesterday we painted half my office and then went into Milford to wander around. It was a very uneventful day. I feel bad. But damn, I am so tired.

That is all.


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