2008-10-12 - 10:31 a.m.


The other day I finally went to get new glasses. The woman who was "helping" me pick out frames (she had just about the worst taste in the world and kept making me try on ugly frame after ugly frame while I was trying to pick out the pretty, interesting frames) told me that she was in her yard a couple months ago and out of the corner of her eye saw a big, white flutter fall out of the sky. So she went to investigate and found a dove, one of those white ones like magicians use, laguishing in her flower bed. She picked the bird up and brought him/her inside and it rested and ate and by the next day the lady was walking around with her dove on her shoulder. Now, just a couple months later, the dove comes when the lady calls it and sits on the cat's head.

Also, that same day...I woke up in the morning to my alarm blaring and found that both my arms were totally asleep. I couldn't turn the alarm off, or do anything with my arms other than swing them uselessly at things. Eric says I started moaning like a dying cow. But all I remember is sheer panic. What a sight, right? Me swinging my arms uselessly at my alarm clock while moaning like a dying cow at 5 am? It was fucking freaky. Totally.

Also this week. My little cat figured out that she is capable of climbing out of the fence. It took six months for an escape to occur. Anyway, since it's been a very long time since I have "lost" a cat, I, we, totally overreacted and spent four hours or so wandering up and down streets and poking through thickets trying to find her. Finally, long after dark, I was sitting vigil outside and heard a cat fight and knew she was involved (she's a scrapper) so out we went again and found her sitting in her own vigilence under one of our pine trees. She was very obviously protecting her territory. Just like in Spain. She used to sit on the wall there, or on the roof, and watch with eagle eyes for any sign of stranger cats. Then she would pounce on them and fight them away. She's a very mean little cat. Anyway. She's home now and I've recovered from the fright of it all. Now I'm trying to figure out how to keep her in the fence. Right now I have a plastic plant pot stapled to the top of every fence post. I'm not sure it's going to work. So far she seems befuddled but she's pretty saavy.

Eric took Fabien to Mackinac City this weekend. Specifically to see the bridge but of course they had to stay the night there. Which is just kind of embarrassing. Mackinac City is such a total tourist shithole. Hopefully they make it to Sleeping Bear today and Fabien can see something spectacular.

I did not attend this outing because I desperately needed some space. I haven't been alone since he arrived. Not for a minute. Well, except when I drive to work. So this is nice, a nice Sunday morning and I am alone.

Also happening...they are filming a movie in my town right now. It stars the guy from Alias and also Sean Astin. It's kind of cool to have a movie being filmed in your town. You can just be walking to the grocery store and hear "ACTION!" being yelled on a regular basis. Also, people in town are in a very good mood about this movie. It's a little exciting. Yesterday they were filming in the park and Eric's goose friend was wandering around in the shot. So Eric's goose is going to be famous now! (Eric loves the English geese they have at the park, they have funny butts.)

Anyway, that's about it. Breakfast calls.


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