2008-04-03 - 8:35 p.m.

I'm totally ready for Eric to come home. This sucks.

I think he's actually ready to come home too. Since he's been gone...there was that fiasco with his paycheck not being issued. Which left him basically fucked in Germany. Then...the laundry service at the hotel he is staying at in Germany lost his underwear and running shorts. Oh, and also, yesterday he was on a flight from Poland to Germany and the plane was 500 feet from the ground when they had to abort the landing. Which is pretty fucking scary. Right? (Eric talked about the experience at length yesterday which then led me to have a night of the most terrifying airplane crash dreams I have ever had.)

Anyway. I am ready for him to come home. I can't wait for him to meet the turkey at the market. I also can't wait to have some help with the kitties. They are totally spoiled now with two people to take care of them. It's almost impossible to keep them all happy by myself now.

I'm still content at my new job. I have a lot of things to talk about, concerning my new job, but I am holding off for a minute because all I've been doing since I started working again is complain about my job. But man...I am just wondering how I got so lucky all those years when I worked for decent people who didn't act like total psychopaths? At least my current psychopath boss is kind of a pushover and can be cajoled, like a child, into behaving like a semi-decent human being.

OH! I am not complaining (yet).

Also. I am very tired right now. I am not used to this working six days a week crap. I don't like it.

Very tired.

That is all.


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