2008-02-12 - 11:18 a.m.

Holy crap it's cold! I think it might even be too cold for me, and I love the cold. I'm looking forward to getting back to 30 degree weather and wish it was so right now so I could go for endless exploratory walks around town and beyond. Because I am currently unemployed and have nothing else of worth to do other than unpacking and organizing and cleaning and blah. I have no interest in doing any of the standard moving in procedures...I just want to get to the point when I can paint the walls! And get rid of ugly wallpaper!

My unemployed status is surprisingly alarming to me. I had planned to take a couple weeks off before I started an active search...but I am ready, after three days of being without a job, to find a job immediately. It's pretty clear to me that I need to work breakfast again. I hated everything about working the dinner shift. Most importantly, I hated the pace of dinner. I like breakfast because it's fast and busy. If I have time to stand around at my job...well, that's not good. I get crazy.

This was my first weekend off work since I started that job back in November. Which is kind of crazy. Eric and I hadn't really spent any amount of time together since before we moved back to this state. We had a big weekend planned...we drove to Grand Rapids on Saturday to attend his cousins CD release party and we were supposed to go to Kalamazoo the next day to have coffee with my mother, attend a first birthday party for Owen, the son of my friend Amy, and then a quick drink with my Woocas before we headed back to Detroit and the kitties. But, the Sunday portion of our agenda was cancelled due to high winds, blistering cold and higways packed with ice and snowdrifts. We ended up driving back home and it was bizarre. We started in an absolute winter hell and ended in a sunny, bright day. Forty or so miles out of Grand Rapids the roads suddenly cleared and the sun was out and the winter hell was soon forgotten. The other people in our group did not fair so easily. They had to drive back to Muskegon and the their half hour drive was more like two hours. So so so so glad we did not drive to Kalamazoo. I am not famous for making the right decision about anything, but for once I did.

Anyway, the CD release party was fun. But now, in my typical fashion, I will need a few weeks to recover from it. Too much noise, too much drinkys, too much too much. As usual I am amazed at how affected I am by excess noise. I didn't drink very much more than a normal dinner out (I maybe had two beers more than I would "normally" have) but you add noise and social interaction and I get a huge hangover. Once we got back home on Sunday I got into my pajamas and crawled into bed for the rest of the day and night.

So. That's about it. I had hired a pet sitter for the weekend. We didn't NEED to, but I want to start having her come here once a week or so so that when I am ready to take a real vacation the pet sitter will be totally versed and prepared to take care of Oscar (with his diabetes and gum disease). Mostly she just needs to learn to administer his glucose test and appropriate amount of insulin. It takes time. I make it look so easy...but it's not. Anyway, the pet sitter DID NOT administer the test correctly so I am really glad that I did not wait until I had a big trip planned before getting a pet sitter in here. It's going to take some time to get her trained.

That is all.


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