2008-02-07 - 1:40 p.m.


So. I put on my gym clothes to go to the gym and then I went out to start my car so it could warm up while I finished getting ready. I didn't want to wear my gym shoes out in the snow because I didn't want them to be wet and cold at the gym. So I slipped on a pair of sandals I wear when I mop the floors and I went out the door. I started my car and brushed it off and my feet were already freezing after a couple seconds so I went back to the house and found....


In a t-shirt and sandals.

Haha. You must be thinking, "surely you weren't locked out, your house keys must be on your key ring with your car keys...." But no. No. No. I had used my spare car key to start the car today. Of course.

Anyway, in a panic (I was wearing sandals for christs sake) I opened the garage and found a sledge hammer and started pounding on the doorknob trying to get it to fall off. But that didn't work and I couldn't walk to the neighbors houses because I was wearing sandals and my toes were numb already so I got in my car and waited for it to thaw enough so I could see out the window. Then I drove to two neighbors houses and they weren't home and so I decided that I would have to find a pay phone. Because I was wearing sandals and a t-shirt and I was embarrassed to go into any businesses to use their phones. My feet were so numb and I rummaged around my car looking for something to put on them and I found one lone sock and one lone mitten. So I put the sock on one foot and the mitten on the other and I drove around and finally drove to the office where we had gotten our mortgage loan from (because they are the only people I know here in this town at the moment) and I ran in there with my mitten sock and sandals and t-shirt and called Eric. And then sat there, in my mitten sock, waiting for Eric to get home.


I am so embarrassed.

Lessons I learned....
1. Keep socks and other warm items of clothing in the car.
2. Don't go out to start your car in sandals and a t-shirt (I am REALLY lucky I didn't go out there in my robe and sandals as I am apt to do)
3. Keep a spare key hidden somewhere.


4. Have a full tank of gas in the winter time. I almost had another problem on my hands...if I hadn't of thought to drive to the mortgage place I would have had to drive around for a while longer trying to find a pay phone...or...driving to Eric's office (note: learn where your husband's office is) and I was almost out of gas already.


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