2008-01-23 - 9:46 a.m.

Wow. Buying one of those ergonomic snow shovels makes a huge difference. Our new driveway is much larger than my old drive way, twice the size of it at least, and I had to shovel it three times yesterday. And...I haven't shoveled a driveway in three years. So I should have been good and sore today...but I am not.

Maybe, though, I am not sore because....

Last night I finally slept on my BIG WHITE SQUISHY BED!!!!!!!!!

Oh, it was heaven.

I had tried to wait until it was more clean (it was in storage for three years and had a spot that smelled very distinctly of cat) and until I had all the perfect accoutrements for luscious sleep (new sheets, new pillows, new mattress pad)...but I just couldn't wait any longer. My bed and snow were two huge reasons I wanted to return to this country. Yesterday I had a lot of snow and I felt that I should also have my bed. So I spent hours cleaning it (my new steamer thing is awesome) and finding bedding items that will suffice until I manage to get to a store.

And so I was sleeping very well and of course the cats decided to make lots of noise last night. Their antics aside. I slept well and comfortable. Tonight I might let Eric come in there to sleep too.

That is all. I love snow. I love my bed. I don't want to go to work (the place where I currently work or anyplace ever) and I can't wait until this unpacking thing is over so I can go out and explore my new area of the world. Yay!


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