2008-01-22 - 9:36 a.m.

Last week at this time I was so exhausted that I was losing motor skill function and my basic thought patterns were so jumbled that I was having trouble thinking of even the most common words. I was so tired because I had worked all weekend and Eric and I had driven out to the house with a couple car loads of stuff and then we went to bed late on Sunday and had to get up super early on Monday in order to drive to Fort Wayne to get my stuff out of storage. Amazingly, nothing went wrong on that trip...we didn't hit any snow storms, we didn't get lost and Eric drove that 26 foot U-haul like he'd been driving big trucks his entire life. We unloaded the u-haul into the garage (and that's where all the stuff still is...sigh, so much work) and went back to the apartment and it was late and we had to get up early again because our stuff from Spain (all 12,000 pounds of it) arrived at 8:30 am on Tuesday. I went to Lowes and bought a snowshovel because it had snowed overnight. And, we found out how annoying living on a private road might turn out to be. Because they don't have any snow plowing thing worked out. Basically, the road just doesn't get plowed. Lovely. Anyway. Our stuff arrived and by 2 in the afternoon we had a house brimming with boxes and the movers left and Eric and I spent a few hours unpacking and setting up basic things that we would need to spend a night here and then we went back to the apartment and got the cats. Bear had explosive diarrhea in his kennel and had to have a bath before he even stepped foot into his new house...but otherwise, the cat move went pretty well. They were definitely not as wiped out and freaked out as they were when we moved them from Spain. It was weird to see them prowling about immediately after getting out of their kennels because the only other two times I have moved them were international moves and both times the cats went directly to the closest bed and went to sleep. This time they only had a half an hour of travel time and they were very UN-sleepy when we arrived. And they displayed their displeasure by keeping us up most of the night with meowing. Which led to a very exhausted Wednesday morning. I unpacked some things and then had to go to work. Made $30 and was there for 7 hours. I also put in my two weeks notice. Thursday I went in for 6 hours and made $40. NOT GOOD. I also had to work Friday and Saturday and then, by Sunday, Eric and I were both ready to take a day off. We did nothing. Yesterday I somehow managed to clear the entire main floor of boxes. We still have a whole lot of boxes to unpack and I should bring some more in from the garage. But just for today I would like to have the main floor clear of boxes.

The house, aside from the private road issues and the fact that our water tastes like blood, is beautiful. I had not expected it to be beautiful (because it is a very utilitarian design) but it is. Especially in the early evening when the sun is starting to soften. On Sunday we had four deer on the yard. I can't wait to start painting walls and replacing countertops and hanging curtains. In a few months this house will be breathtaking. It is also very, very quiet in this house. The house is made of concrete and bricks. Very little sound gets in. As you all know, silence makes me happiest. And I certainly didn't have any silence at any time in the last three years.

So that is that. Life looks like it will finally get back on track now. I haven't felt this peaceful in a lot of years. I currently have very little to worry about and it's an incredible feeling.


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