2008-01-06 - 1:23 a.m.


So it's 1:23 in the morning and I just returned from the crappiest of the crappy days at that restaurant where I work. I am so over this. However...the longer I make myself stay there the more I get attached to co-workers (actually, there are only three of us left) and customers. So I might just end up ignoring the "crazies" of the place and just going to work in order to hang out with A. and D.. HOWEVER...I am realizing more and more that I AM a breakfast waitress. (that's a depressing sentence to write) I adore being a breakfast waitress and doing this winebar, late night, three hours a table crap just reminds me how much I love the routine of breakfast waitress. I miss it.

My cat, Fishy Marie, has suddenly turned into a computer lap cat*. This causes problems because I already have two other cats that are computer lap cats. And since we are a two lap family, we can't really accommodate a third computer lap cat.

Past thirty is an incredible age to be. You won't believe the kind of things that start happening when you are past thirty. I think these are my favorite years. Even though they've been a little more emotionally challenging than even my teen years. That's part of past thirty that's really cool...emotions are acknowledged in such a drastically different way.

I am sleeping until I wake up tomorrow.

Then I am taking a four hour bath.

But first I have to go to the bookstore.

The black cats are tearing around the apartment right now. They make me laugh when they do this. I hope they do this at our new house.

That is all.

*computer lap cat is different from a lap cat. A lap cat is my cat, Oscar, who will sit on your lap no matter where you are. A computer lap cat only wants to sit on your lap when you are on the computer.


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