2008-01-04 - 2:47 p.m.

We have a closing date! The fifteenth! I've been going over all scenarios trying to think of the best, most expedient, way to get my bed (and other stuffs) out of that storage unit in Fort Wayne and here the very day we take possession of that house. Because I NEED NEED NEED my bed. We've been away from one another for way too long. I think I've got it all figured out now. We'll drive to Fort Wayne on the evening of the 14th, get my stuff, drive back here, park the u-haul somewhere, sleep, drive to u-haul to the closing and then directly to the house to set up my bed. Our other stuff will arrive the next day and as soon as that is over I will retrieve the kitties and move them in and then...and then I will sleep on my bed. Yay! My bed!!

In other news. My cat Smitten has been holding his ear down lately. He looks really cute and I've been telling him so. I thought that he had just wounded the ear while he and Smudge were playing (they play as though they are lions and not house cats) and I didn't think much of it. I knew I should bring him to the vet, just to check it out and to avoid an abscess, but I took my time getting him there. So today I took him in and found out that he has this nasty, nasty raging yeast infection in his ear. It's really gross. And now, because of my negligence, I will have to clean the slippery black muck from his ear twice a day using a Q-tip. And Q-tips make me gag just by themselves. Add to it some black goo from deep within an ear canal and BARF.

I feel really awful for letting him have this infection for so long. It's been at least a week.

That is all.

I am almost a homeowner again.

Counting the days.


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