2007-10-11 - 9:03 p.m.

I suppose I understand having borders. For the most part. But they have to be so ridiculously tight? I tight that I can't bring my flower bulbs back with me? Or my spices? Or my tea? And worst of all....THE WINE? It is so ridiculous that we can't bring the wine back (unless we pay a huge duty fee). When we moved here to Spain there was no problem moving over 100 bottle of wine here from France. But move it to the Unites States and no no no no. You gotta pay dearly for that. It's STUPID. The only good thing is that I don't feel guilty in the slightest for opening an expensive bottle of wine on a Tuesday to eat with my rice and beans. THAT'S kind of cool. But I'd rather bring it back to Michigan with me and save it for a special occasion. Or something.

Anyway. We still don't know whether our move date is going to be in two weeks or in a month. I am so sick of this waiting around crap. It feels like this is year 500 of doing this. I am not cut out for this kind of life. At all. There are few disadvantages to my moving earlier than we had fact, there are only two disadvantages, but they are HUGE. There are many advantages to just getting this over with and going (getting my eyebrows waxed is one)...but with all the advantages they don't come near to equaling the gravity of the disadvantages. Example...If we go in two weeks that means that I won't see Eric again until Christmas time. Which means about eight weeks. If we go when planned that gives me three extra weeks with him. THAT IS HUGE. The other disadvantage is that I am just not ready to go yet. Remember, I (we) have about 30 bottles of wine left to drink. And a whole lotta tea and beans.

So. Anyway. Parts of this are kind of fun. The other I was mopping the floors and decided to use RUM as the floor cleaner. Because we have about 87 gallons of rum (for some reason, nobody I know drinks rum) and I just don't want to throw it away when we leave. So I poured it in the mop bucket. It didn't work wonders and the house smelled way weird for a few hours...but it did do a pretty nice job, all in all. Not any worse than Mr. Clean (who is Don Limpio here). I've also been boiling pots full of water with various tea bags in it. Normally I boil water with cinnamon in it...but since I have all this tea that will just be thrown out...I thought I should do something with it and there's no way I can drink it all. It's fun. It's fun finding uses for things. But wine is only meant for drinking. Period. The end.


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