2007-10-04 - 9:42 p.m.

I HATE satellite TV. WHY WHY WHY does satellite TV even exist? It could not be a shittier kind of TV. Seriously. The wind blows and you can't watch Veronica Mars while eating your salad. BAHHHH!

In other cat, for sure, has colitis. Good to have it diagnosed so I am glad I had the biopsy done, even if he isn't 100% normal yet. Poor Bubby. Poor, poor bubby.

In other, other news. Eric is in Michigan looking for houses. Somehow we went from this frame of mind- "we should buy something inexpensive that we can do a little work on to increase the value because we aren't going to stay in that area for very long" to (and this is all Eric, I'm still in the cheap cheap frame of mine)- "WHOO HOO! I GOT APPROVED FOR A HOME LOAN THAT IS $100,000 MORE THAN I EXPECTED!!! LET'S BUY A MANSION!" I am only slightly irritated. It was apparent yesterday when he went out for his first day of house shopping, that we weren't going to find anything habitable for the amount of money we originally wanted to spend. So...I started looking for things that were 20-30 grand more. That's something I was prepared for. And the houses I am finding for that amount are decent and in fact he just got back from looking at one of them and he says it is, in fact, a possibility. But then I get a list of houses he wants to go look at and they are 30,000 more than the 30,000 increase I relented to. He's out of his fucking mind. We have six cats to raise. And a Europe habit to feed.

In other, other, other news. I am having a party (all by myself) on Sunday to celebrate the one month countdown of my departure from Spain. I plan to eat nachos and watch the new Ralph Fiennes movie that is out at the video place. Or maybe not nachos...maybe something that goes with wine, because I am in a wine mood. Maybe I'll just have the wine. And Ralph. Delicious.

That is all.

I'm going to go glare at the TV some more.


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