2007-10-02 - 6:20 p.m.

I am just so uncomfortable in my skin these days. I wake up in the morning and am immediately annoyed by the feeling of my t-shirt against my skin and then I spend the rest of the day trying to find a comfortable shirt to wear.

I think I need the weather to turn cold. It's still rather oppressive right now. I started sweating today when I was washing the dishes. And there are more mosquitoes this year than I can ever remember having here. They are eating me alive. I think that also contributes to my discomfort. I am itchy and sweaty and hot.

Anyway. Today I started packing. Just little things...transferring clothes that I know I won't wear again this year into an unused room to get them out of the way. I also went through my desk and threw things away. Things I won't need anymore (like recipes for english muffins and sweet and sour sauce) because I am moving back to a place where I won't need to make my own. I also started moving all the books and magazines to one location. We have so many books and magazines we have accumulated over the past three years. I married someone who just as insanely as I do, collects magazines. Even if they are water warped and useless.

I had 8 things on my to-do list today. And I've only accomplished one thing. Which is crap. I should have been able to accomplish all eight things. I don't know what I did with my time except that I was reading every word on every piece of scrap paper from my desk. Remembering life as it was when we first arrived here and everything seemed so strange and foreign. It's funny to think about that time of life.

I also ate a candy bar today. And that disgusts me. I am totally pissed off at my husband for having brought home a bunch of candy bars. I hate throwing food away but I am going to have to. I don't even LIKE candy bars. But you know, if they are sitting there.....

I am really uncomfortable.

That is all.


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