2007-06-08 - 4:55 p.m.

This is the 'conversation' I had with my husband last week after we returned from curry and beer night.

Scene: Whisper and Eric are dropped off by a taxi who charges them 12 euros for a five minute journey (this never fails to irritate Whisper). Whisper goes to the kitchen and prepares the coffee maker for the next morning while Eric plops down on the couch. Whisper then goes upstairs and checks her e-mail, feeds the cats and then takes a bath. After putting on pajamas and making sure all the cats are accounted for, she walks downstairs to get Eric off the couch so that she can turn the security alarm on for the night.

Whisper (gently nudging a sleeping Eric): Sweetie, can you come to bed so I can turn the alarm on?

Eric (with eyes still closed): What about the post?

Whisper: What?

Eric: You know, what the Australians are using? The post. At the end.

Whisper: Uh...I think it's time for you to come upstairs and go to sleep now.

Eric (opens eyes and sits up angrily and with a slightly raised, hysterical voice says): What? WHAT IF I DO GO TO BED?? Who's going to wake up for me then? Huh? Who?

Whisper then realizes that Eric is perhaps dreaming and decides it best to just go to bed without turning the alarm on and walks back upstairs leaving her husband on the couch.

The end.


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