2007-06-15 - 4:44 p.m.

Well, my haircut and I are still not getting along. And to make (appearance) matters worse...I decided to wax my eyebrows today and accidentally peeled a stripe through my right brow. A very visible, vertical, stripe. This was caused by a piece of my hair falling into my face just as I was applying the wax and then the wax got into the entire brow and in my panicked attempt to get it out before it hardened, I tore out a bunch of hair. Like an idiot. I am an idiot. I am blaming this on my haircut...because if someone hadn't cut bangs when I hadn't asked for bangs, there would have been nothing to flop down into my browline. Asshole haircut.

In other news. Our car is still not back and Eric is leaving on Monday for a week and I refuse to drive anymore, but, I will need a car in case of, because our car isn't back yet...we have to rent a car and let it sit in the parking lot for the entire week because I refuse to drive (unless there is an emergency). Stupid waste. But what can we do? If my cat goes into another coma I can't very well wait for the bus.

There was a baby magpie in the tree today. I wanted to keep him. Magpies are very annoying, but I love them. They make me laugh.

Curry and beer night tonight. Last week they ran out of the vegetarian dish and that made me sad. (even though I had already had two plates of it) I hope they don't run out this week.

Mania has returned to me. It's been on vacation for a couple years now and I've welcomed it back with open arms. I was busy, busy, busy all week. I was so busy that I am sore. I cleaned everything, painted things, organized things, moved things, swept things...I've been very energetic. I don't know what this portends...

That is all. I am going to make an egg sandwich now.


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