2007-04-25 - 3:10 p.m.

I've been outside planting grass seed for the last three hours. It's quite hot out there and I keep getting to the heat point where I stand up, brush myself off and say resolutely, "I'm going in the pool." Then I will march over there, stick a foot in and think to myself, "well, before I go in the pool, I better go to the bathroom (or get a drink of milk, or check on the cats, or check my e-mail, or check the laundry)." Then I go tend to whatever task it was that I set so that I didn't have to go in the pool and then I go back outside and resume the grass seed planting until I get too hot again.

Oh, but...I WILL go in that pool today. Yes. I will.

It's too fucking bad that I don't have any of my friends here to enjoy this with me. I have frequent flier miles...not enough to get an entire ticket here, but enough to use for a pretty decent cash and miles deal. Which would mean that one of my lucky friends could have a trip to Spain, including accomodations, built in tour guide and most meals for no more than $600. But no one is taking my f-ing miles. No one wants to visit me. Some reasons are valid...the "I just had a baby," or, "I have classes through the summer," or, "I don't even have six dollars let alone six hundred dollars". But then there are the stupid reasons like, "I'm going to Florida in a couple months," or "Oh, I don't know about that, that's pretty far away," or...just not giving me an answer period. Those are bullshit reasons. And I think those people are stupid. Stupid people. I hate everybody.



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