2007-04-23 - 12:37 p.m.

Oof. I have blisters and sore feet from wandering around the amusement park yesterday. I am not supposed to get blisters or sore feet because I am intelligent about my footwear and opt for comfort and support and ignore fashion completely. This is due to the fact that I was a waitress/bartender for sixteen years and have totally destroyed my legs and have no option but to wear comfortable shoes. BUT...last weekend I wore a pair of high heeled boots that I have not worn in a couple years. Because I had the need to feel pretty and feminine and stylish instead of clod-hoppery and elderly. And because of that six hour night, my feet were slightly damaged again and then I walked all day on them yesterday (in my good, intelligent shoes) and they weren't healed yet and still slightly torqued from the boots and so....sore feet today. And blisters. (the blisters are because I hadn't worn this particular pair of intelligent shoes since last summer.)

Anyway. Had fun in Tarragona. Roller coasters are awesome. All four of us had been to Ceder Point, and three of four of us had been born and raised on Cedar of course the roller coasters at Port Aventura were slighly under par and we all kept comparing everything to the Millennium Force...but was fun anyway. Except for this one show thing we went to. That was stupid and scary. They piled about 200 of us in a tiny room and shut off all the lights and I just sat there waiting to have my throat slit and then they moved us into a another room where the water turned into fire and there were fire balls shooting out of the ceiling and I just kept waiting for the inevitable gas leak explosion to happen. I thought for sure I was going to die in there. But I didn't.

So that was good.

And. I guess that is all.


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