2006-09-04 - 12:42 p.m.

So we went to the movies last night. It was my first time going to a movie theater in Europe. And...the only differences were that you had your seat assigned and the concession stand sold beer.

We arrived a couple hours early because I was thinking that that area of Barcelona might have something interesting to see for a couple hours. I hadn't been to that area yet. Nothing. So we ended up drinking and eating for two hours. The first place we went to was just a crappy little chain place where we had an okay beer and some nasty potatas bravas and really crappy service. Fortunately we got annoyed with the service and left because then....we ended up at a Lebanese restaurant and gorged ourself on falafel and feta and.........baklava. Oh.....I was so happy. And it was delicious. The best I've ever had. I will go back. Again and again. I was very tempted and actually encouraged to buy some to take home with me and I resisted. Because you know, I am not eating stuff like that during the week and knew that if it were in my house I would totally fail myself and eat the entire bag in a sitting. I am baklava-less and planning to eat egg whites and plain oatmeal for lunch. Joy joy.

That is all.


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