2006-08-12 - 1:08 p.m.

The airplanes coming over our house, the ones that are landing in Barcelona, today are making a horrible sound. The first one that I heard today woke me and the cats from a dead sleep. I thought for sure it was crashing into the house. It was making this high speed whistle that increasingly gets closer and closer sound and I could hear every change in the engines. The next one came about five minutes later and they have all been making that sound. I can't understand why only today they are all making this horrible sound. The air must be lighter or something today, making me able to hear every sound the planes make. I can't remember what it's like to not live on the flight path of landing planes. My old house in Vicksburg was also on such a path. Only, those were small planes...the planes coming into Barcelona are the big ones. There is a lot of air activity over my house. There are the daily passes of tiny planes trailing advertising that they fly over the beaches. Also, lots of helicopters...doing what? I don't know. But there are lots of helicopters. And the big planes whistling, roaring towards my house. It's too bad that I have to live every day of my life in fear of airplane drama. Either I am worried that I am going to die in an airplane crash, or I am worried that my husband will, OR...when no one I know is in an actual airplane, I worry that a plane will crash into my house. Today I not only have airplanes making horrible sounds over my head all day...but my husband is also flying today. From Amsterdam to Sweden. Lovely.

Last night I was reading my Italian phrase book and I realized how much Spanish I really know. I would bet that if you gave me this same book in Spanish that I would know everything in it. But I know zero Italian. Zero. However...Italian is much more fun to speak and I am way more excited learning Italian than I have ever been about Spanish. I love saying words in Italian.

I'm going to Italy! I'm going to Italy!! I'm going to Italy!!! It's been a long time since I was excited about something. This is really nice. And it will be in September/October so it will be chilly kind of and I can sit outside and breathe for hours! And sleep!

Yesterday I raided our guestrooms of all their pillows and switched the pillows on our bed for the guestroom pillows. Because our pillows SUCK ass and pillows here, for whatever reason, are REALLY expensive. ??? Like $60 normally. I did find some incredibly cheap pillows for about ten euros but they were pointless pillows. Anyway, last night I slept better than I have in a while because I had different pillows. This means that our future guests will have the old crappy pillows that I used to drool on. HAHAHAHA! Maybe I should wash the old pillows before Wednesday when we have a guest. If any of you losers that I have invited to come here ever show up I will wash the pillows for you. Promise.

I am wasting time right now because I don't know what I feel like doing today. I have a couple, few e-mails I really want to write...but like with anything I ever want to write, it's hard for me to get started. I think I will take my computer outside to the porch today and just spend the day outside. Keeping watch for falling airplanes.

That is all.


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