2006-08-11 - 1:29 p.m.

Found parking this morning. But only after I had to sit at a dead standstill with about 50 other cars for eight minutes because a stupid delivery truck had double parked and a bus couldn't get by. Forty nine cars and a bus honking for eight minutes is NOT cool when you have a scared cat sitting next to you in a carrier.

Anyway. The vet appointment lasted all of two minutes. The whole trip should have taken no more than twenty five minutes. I live five minutes (in non-tourist season) from the vet and it takes five minutes (more or less) to walk to the vet from parking. Total amount of time it took me today with all the beach traffic and the stupid truck incident? ONE HOUR AND FIVE MINUTES.

Squishy Cat, by the way, is healing very nicely and does not have to go back for another month and a half.

The movie place has not had any new movies added in something like two months. This is bad. How can this be? The movie place not having movies is the reason why I watched Annie last night and will probably watch Splash (for the seven millionth time) tonight. Not that I mind watching Splash again...but I enjoy certain things about the times that Eric is away, watching chick flicks without a cynical (honest and rational) man on the couch making fun of the movie is one of those things. So it would have been nice to have some chick flicks to watch.

Speaking of movies...Eric and I were going to go see Superman last week and we didn't. Why didn't we? What the hell?

Pirates of the Carribbean II opens tomorrow! We must go to the movies. We must.

Oh can be very jealous...this is where I am going in September...


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