2006-06-22 - 4:06 p.m.

I just rescued the largest bee I have ever seen from the pool. He was as long as my pinky finger. I am not joking. He was humongous. I think I am going to stay inside for the rest of the day.

This morning I dropped Eric off at the airport (after having just picked him up from the airport yesterday evening). He will be gone for ten days. It's been a really long time since I have cried when leaving him off at an airport. But I cried today. I already miss him.

After I dropped him off I had to go to Sitges to quibble with a rather moronic woman (okay, so I guess she isn't a moron, she is just flighty) about a double charge. A $300 double charge. We purchased a wedding gift for a fabulous couple that deserves a fabulous gift (we bought them a painting by a Spanish half of this fabulous couple used to live here so it is extra cool because of the Spanish artist bit) and when we were paying the card machine ran out of paper and instead of cancelling the transaction she just ran the card through again once she got more paper loaded (which took an extrememly uncomfortable amount of time because she couldn't figure out how to open it). ANYWAY...I told Eric that she hadn't cancelled the first transaction and sure I had to go there today and try to explain what had happened. I ended up leaving an hour and a half later with 270 euros in cash in my pocket because she couldn't figure out how to credit my account and ended up just throwing cash at me. It was a nervous walk directly to the bank. I am always certain lately that I am going to get robbed.

Also, I ordered my cat food from a different place than usual...and THIS PLACE has free delivery!!! No more hauling a 25 pound bag of food a mile down the beach for me!!! YAY!! I love my new pet store. The man who owns it is entirely too cool. Today we had a discussion about John Petrucci and DreamTheater. Also, he has five cats. That makes anyone cool.

Tomorrow I am starting a new life. By the way. It's all about being gung-ho from now on. That's right. Gung-ho. I fucking love life.



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