2006-06-23 - 7:38 p.m.

Dear Diary...

First day of new life going well. I accomplished gung-ho. Gung-ho makes me really hungry though. Too much energy expended. Right now I would give just about anything for a large pizza from Chicago Style Pizza in Portage delivered right to my door. Here in Spain we have Telepizza...and I have never tried it but Eric said it was disgusting and Eric likes most anything so it must be really bad.

Today I made lists and started some gathering projects. Gathering things I will need for other stuff. Which doesn't concern you. I also laid in the sun and plodded my way through The New Yorker's summer fiction issue. And rescued more large bees. And then I did Tae-Bo and finished with an hour of yoga and I feel great.

They are blowing up the country today. Festival of Sant Juan. Crazy. Firecrackers all day. ALL DAY. So many that my cats are actually USED to them now and are not running for cover every time they hear one like they have been doing for the rest of the year.

That is all.

I am going to eat now.


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