2006-05-04 - 4:19 p.m.

A year ago RIGHT NOW my cats were being put in a van and taken to Chicago O'Hare. A year ago RIGHT NOW I was sleeping a very strange sleep. I had arrived here six hours before after having locked the door at my house in Vicksburg for the last time and driving a very packed rental car to Detroit Metro. I don't remember a thing about that flight. I don't remember anything about arriving here except that I slept a weird sleep and I was totally freaked out about the cats. A year ago RIGHT NOW I thought that by this time next year I would be speaking Spanish like a native and that I would have at least accomplished something. Anything. A year ago RIGHT NOW I had totally thought that I could finally sit back and relax for a while and not worry about anything. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! oh. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I keep telling the cats today..."remember a year ago when you were on an airplane??" It's weird for me to think about that. About my cats on an airplane.

Anyway. I think I might go out tonight and "celebrate" my one year in Spain. Or I might just stay here. Whatever.


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