2006-05-04 - 12:00 a.m.

For the last two nights I have been going to the gym with Eric. Instead of going during the day like I usually do. It's very chaotic there at night. So I've been listening to French language tapes really loudly so I don't have to listen to the chaos. I've decided that I am going to just learn French really well. There are two reasons for this. One, in a few weeks a friend (French) of Eric's is coming to visit us. He is bringing his (French) family with him. And apparently his kids are REALLY cute and I would like to be able to talk to some REALLY cute kids. Two, we don't have any Spanish language tapes (for some reason I had a really hard time finding them in stores???) and Eric has a whole box of French language training stuff. Even his language training was far better for his French move. He has a huge box of stuff...when we moved here and took our courses we got a pre-school workbook.


I also received in the mail today (I love mail, people need to send me more) new Tae-Bo DVD's. I love Billy Blanks. And I love Tae-Bo. My body will be completely demolished tomorrow. I did ultimate abs and glutes and then went to the gym. I made up for all that exercise by eating ice cream with homemade hot fudge when we got home.

Oh, it was windy today. Almost scary windy. My Squishy Cat was literally knocked over by a gale at one point. He didn't like that and joined the rest of the cats where they were hiding (from the wind) under the bed.

What else?

Nothing. Today was uneventful. I did make mushroom tarts with walnut crust for dinner though and they turned out quite well. Usually when I make tarts I don't like them. I liked these and will make them again. They may become a regular meal.

Last week I made a Caribbean black bean chili and I've been thinking about it ever since. I should make it again. It had things like orange and lime juice in it.

They are shooting things outside right now. They are always shooting around here. It is midnight. Why are they shooting??????

I don't know what the hell I want to do right now. The truth is that I came upstairs to take a bath but some cat (Squishy Cat) took a giant crap in the litter box in my bathroom and I can't even go near the bathroom at this moment. So I am waiting for the air to clear. And have nothing to do in the meantime. That cat STINKS!



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