2006-01-25 - 1:46 p.m.

So...that fiesta lasted until about 6 in the morning down in Sant Pere de Ribes. The music was so loud even all the way up here where I live, that the bass was thudding through my heart (this is the reason I hate music with a lot of bass unless I am IN THE ROOM WITH IT, because I can't stand that random heart thud thing when the bass is coming from music that you can't hear). These people are crazy. CRAZY. It's funny and cool though, even if I do never get a good night's sleep living here. It's always something.

I am on a diet today. I decided last night that I needed a day to purify. Because yesterday I drank a pot of coffee, ate three chunks of bread with olive oil, a bunch of almonds, a chunk of cheese and tortilla chips doused with salsa. No vegetables unless you count the salsa as a vegetable which I don't. I also drank six cups of jasmine tea. I just didn't feel very healthy when I went to bed last night so I decided that today I would just have vegetables and water. (Note: I consider coffee to be flavored waster so that is included in my diet, just like tea.) So...when I woke up I made coffee and did my usual morning thing and sometime around twelve thirty I went wandering downstairs to make peanut butter toast. I caught myself though. But now all I can think about is peanut butter toast. Peanut butter is a vegetable isn't it?

So yeah, the party lasted until just before dawn down in town last night and then at about noon they started right back in with the fireworks. I just don't get this firecracker fascination they have here. They are always exploding things. And they don't just do fireworks at NIGHT when you can actually see them, they are fond of doing them during the day so I have come to the conclusion that they just like the noise of exploding things. They also seem to shoot a lot of guns around here where I live. I am sometimes terrified when I am walking that I will get shot by an errant bullet.

My husband is playing corporate boy this week. I hate that shit. I hate it. (he is playing corporate boy this week not because he wants to but because they have customers in the plant this week) He went to work this morning with a TIE on. He looks damn sexy and all that...but still, going to work with a tie on means I won't see him at all this week while he is out for lunches and dinners and corporate ass kiss shit. He SAYS he is taking Friday off work and that is good.

I am planning a trip to Iceland. I am very excited. If anyone has ever been please tell me about your experience and places to go and things to see. I don't want to go there in the summer though...I don't think I would fare well with all that daylight.


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