2006-01-26 - 9:12 a.m.

Don't fall out of your chairs....



And I didn't even have to. I just did. See what great things a day of semi-fasting can do for you?? Now it's 9:13 and I've started laundry, done all my morning computer shit and have made myself breakfast. Eggs, toast, coffee, juice and milk. Yum. I even put honey on my toast! Extra yum.

The real reason I got out of bed so easily is because I woke up to Eric trying to get Squishy Cat to stop pawing at him (Squishy Cat will sometimes be really annoying when he wants people to wake up). I was kind of half awake and not really tired and I thought, "Hmmm...I just should just wake up now," and I closed my eyes again and then realized that I had a COLDSORE tingle on my lip and then I flew out of bed to put medicine on it. Then I came back to bed. And was wide awake so I just got up and made coffee, let the cats out...and now here I am.

What does one do with a WHOLE DAY?? I don't even have Eric coming home at lunch today (remember, he is being corporate boy this week and that means he is eating with the customers...which also means he is eating meat...which also means he will feel like shit this weekend...) so I basically have NOTHING going on for the next twelve hours. Gym, grocery store, walk...I suppose I should start burning some CD's for my Michigan trip. I am going to bring all copies with me and then leave them with people when it's time to come home.

I also have to call the fucking dentist back for the billion and oneth time. They sure don't make it easy to change dentists.

And so.


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