2005-09-11 - 4:43 p.m.

I am left without my crutch this week (darling dear is right now en route to Germany for work)and since I was also left last week without my crutch (he was in Sweden for work)I find myself in desperate need of things that I relied on Sir Crutch for. So...this week I have to go to the vet and attempt to order my cat food, in Spanish, and then I will also have to go back to the vet and attempt to pick up the cat food if I manage to somehow tell them that I need to order it in the first place.

I also will have to, no question, go to the grocery store on my own because by the end of the week we will be out of water and I used the last egg this morning. Also, I have suddenly developed a deep love of tofu and I used the last of that last night. I have not gone to the store by myself yet (unless you consider the tiny markets stores) and I wouldn't be too freaked out by except that it is difficult to find the stores...lots of roundabouts and strange roads going this way and that way...and also...there is the shopping cart issue. I can't steer the carts here at all. Once I get more than five pounds of stuff in them I can't steer it. It's so funny because my friend in Australia just wrote me an e-mail that told me how much she missed tortilla chips and normal shopping carts. So they must have the same kind of cart in Australia.

And I might have to go to the post office but this task may require too much courage and patience on my part. Eric got a notice that he had a package there and since he is gone I should go attempt to pick it up or they will send it back. BUT...the package is in his name and so my going there would probably require more than just handing the clerk the notice and waiting. I would probably have to explain that I am his wife and that I am picking it up for him and all that jazz. But maybe I will be extremely brave this week.

Tomorrow I think I am going to the beach. I walk there at least four times a week but it's been over a year since I spent time on the actual sand. It was a year ago this month that Eric and I made our first trip here to find our house. And during that trip here I spent some time on the beach. That is the only time I have spent time on the beach here and I live five minutes away. Of course...NO ONE in their right mind would have wanted to be on that beach this summer. It was gridlocked with nearly naked bodies and it was hot and even the water was like a bath. September is a good month to go to the beach.

Also...I need to spend some serious time looking for classes I want to take. I am enjoying my writing class and I could sit here all day and do homework. JUST DON'T MAKE ME HAVE TO GO TO A CLASSROOM! I told Eric last night that I could take six classes at a time and be happy just sitting here doing homework and he said, "I think you'd do just about anything so you didn't have to leave the house." And yeah, that's pretty much true.

I am also going to join the Slow Foods movement. I think that rocks.


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