2005-08-08 - 8:19 p.m.

So the last three times I have come here to add an entry I have written the entire entry and then, for whatever insane and stupid reason, clicked on ADD AN ENTRY instead of DONE and suddenly my entire entry is gone and I can't retrieve it. Which sucks. Because I have had a lot to say lately. Yesterday was the worst because after the two previous times I typed, and erased entries, I was rather relieved that I actually got the entry posted...and then I went back to read it and noticed that (having forgotten all my HTML training)I had managed to put all but the first three words of the entry in italics. So I went back to edit the entry and BAM!!!...I clicked ADD AN ENTRY again. WHY WHY WHY?


We have house guests right now. I feel icky. Not because we have house guests I don't think...but I do think I have been drinking too much lately and not sleeping right and not being "at home" at all ever. So I am really, really looking forward to summer ending and everyone in Europe going back into their hibernation states.

The class I was going to take in August is full. And I am really disappointed.



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