2005-03-22 - 4:45 a.m.

About five years ago I bought this pair of shoes. They were a size too big for me but kind of fit and they were only $5 so I couldn't NOT buy them. Only, once I got them home I realized that I hated them and I couldn't walk in them so I just stuffed them away and every so often I would put them on to see if I liked them yet. Then three years ago I wore them for my first "date" with Eric and ever since then I have loved them and have worn them all summer long. Now the problem is that they are starting to get worn out and I am totally in a tizzy because those shoes match everything I own and I love them and I need another pair.

I am totally thrilled with my visit to the vet yesterday. It is not my normal vet and now I feel cheated out of a lot of years. I should have been going to this vet the whole time. The receptionists were friendly and helpful and the vet and techs were efficient, happy and actually talked to me and asked questions. My vet sucks. Rrally bad. This new vet even said, "oh, this cat has a mat(this cat has some strange alien cat hair and always has mats), would you like me to shave that off for you?" And I was like, "YEAH!" Because this cat hates anything like a brush or heavens, a razor. So the vet just snipped it off and didn't charge me anything. MY VET, has been telling me for years that I should bring Bear in for grooming (at a cost of $80).

Anyway, they got all the chips in, rabies shots administered (again) and I think at this point the only thing I have to do concerning cats is get them to Chicago. It is quite a relief. And even more of a relief is that my cat Smudge who six months ago had a heart murmur that might prevent him from longer has a heart murmur. That is quite a huge relief.

And the cats were fine during the long drive to the vet. They meowed but they weren't freaking out completely. Two of them escaped during the ride (I had to buy cheap cardboard kennels because my good kennels are already purchased and waiting in Chicago) and they just sat in the window. So I am a little more at east thinking about them being in little cages in cargo and not completely freaking out and going crazy. I wish like hell that I could give them sedatives before they go...but apparently doing that can cause problems because of temperature control and stuff like that. So they just have to go. Last night I started freaking out about water. I hope that they can have water. Planes make me so thirsty and I hate to think of them thirsty. This is going to be awful.

Vet was laughing about my cats, he said, "what did you do to these guys? I've never seen cats that just want to cuddle with anyone." My cats were just plopping down on the exam table, purring and rubbing all over the vet trying to get attention. Even when he was sticking a huge thick needle into their skin for the microchips they were purring. I feel very proud that my cats are so friendly.

I need new toothpaste. I've been using natural toothpaste for over a year now and for some reason lately I have been missing Ultra Brite. I need that shock infusion of mint. But I think (and OH I SHOULDN'T EVEN TALK ABOUT THIS)that regular toothpaste was one of the causes of my cold sores. I read somewhere that some ingredient in toothpaste aggravates the virus and so I stopped using toothpaste with that ingredient. And I swear I have only had two cold sores in the last year. Which is really something for me. But I never wrote this because every time I talk about cold sores I get one. NOT TALKING ABOUT COLD SORES.



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