2005-03-26 - 5:58 a.m.

I'm entering a more calm state of being. I should have known I would be okay. I thought I was going to be a total stress case until I moved. But I forget how I operate. It's total mania, freak out, stress, cry cry cry and then LUCID. That's how I do it.

I will, however, freak out again before leaving. Certainly. But I am going to enjoy these lucid moments.

I am down to my last three weeks of work right now. I am rather excited by that but am not sure that I can actually make it through three weeks. I just have to remember that three more weeks is another $2,000. Must remember that.

I had a few days of panic last week because I had lost the number of the guy that is buying my house and he hadn't called me back, for a week, about a date for the inspection so I was totally spazzing that he had changed his mind and just not called to tell me that. Finally I found his number and called me and he said he was SO sorry for not calling me back, he DID still want the house and that he was honestly just not thinking when he didn't call me back. Now he is calling everyday...I swear this guy was sent by someone. He's so easy to work though he is just playing the part of a business man wanting to buy a rental property...but really he is under strict orders to do whatever I say and just make this sale happen. If that were the case though I guess he would have bought the house for the asking price. I keep forgetting that he is actually getting a hell of a deal on this house and perhaps that is why he is being so easy to work with.

Boy is here. We have to go to Chicago on Tuesday to pick up our visas (assuming mine is done). Also, we have to go pick up the kennels for the cats...and meet the man that is going to get them to me. Perhaps this week I can actually set my dates. Perhaps.


I've been eating too much again. And not exercising enough. I am really mad today that my gym is only open until three on Saturday's. And not at all on Sunday. This seriously messes me up. Means I can only go to the gym during the week. And that is dumb. I feel like crap.


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