2004-12-15 - 9:20 p.m.

So I am finding myself uncomfortably in love with Jerry Seinfeld. I’ve been watching his show since it came on in what, like 1989 or something? I watched it without fail through high school, through all that terrible, terrible high school stuff I went through…and then I watched it when I got my first apartment and then when I moved to my second apartment and my neighbor and I would pop popcorn and make brownies and watch Friends and Seinfeld…and then when I moved in here and was alone for a couple years, just me and the intermittent boyfriend…and then when I started dating Jon and Seinfeld was something that was never missed, we even scheduled date nights around Seinfeld, I TOOK THURSDAY NIGHT OFF WORK EVERY WEEK FOR SEINFELD…we watched the last episode together like it was the end of our lives…and it kind of was because then we broke up and shortly after that I started watching the reruns, an escape from the day…Seinfeld. I’ve seen every single episode. I KNOW Seinfeld. But I still wasn’t in love with him.

Not until that husband of mine bought me the DVD collection for my birthday. Now I am watching like four episodes a day and I have strangely fallen in love with Jerry. Because I know the episodes already. So I am not watching just in a mindless funk, I am watching with detail. I am seeing that the same clothes are worn in different episodes, that the jacket Jerry was wearing in one stand up act in season two becomes a costume in season 3…I am seeing a wine glass full and on the left in one shot be empty and on the right in the next…and with all this detail I am seeing those characters, their personalities. I am thinking that Jerry Seinfeld is a very, very good person. I am starting to believe that he has a propensity towards sports jackets but maybe doesn’t wear them in real life a lot because he feels strange, like me and my propensity towards hats. I am seeing that he has issues with drink mixes…little things….I am just seeing them. It’s as though I am watching a friend on TV now and it is totally creeping me out.

Anyway…I am supposed to be finishing that stupid floor right now. I have five tiles left to place (three of them are tiles I have already placed and am not satisfied with). But I just can’t do any more. I am done for the night.


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