2004-10-28 - 2:19 p.m.


Had a tetnus shot the other day....just because, why not? Am in the midst now of being sick from said shot. I am so fragile.

Today at work we had raw sewage coming up through every floor drain. Just bubbling up and spilling into rivers of raw sewage that became more and more difficult to dodge. But darn it...not even raw sewage can make us close. Oh no. We just carried on. And now I am going to throw away my shoes. And bleach myself.

No takers on the house yet. Had a few calls. One person came by to look...I really, really, really hope someone buys this house by mid November. Even if they decide to buy the last week in November I should still be okay. That gives me one month before I can officially throw myself into the pits of despair. Can't someone just be nice and buy this stupid house even if they don't want it/need it/or think it is worth $65,000? Please? Come on. I NEED to get out of here and start living life again. I'll even throw in an electric lawn mower and an old horseshoe.

Off to paint ceilings now.


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