2003-12-17 - 6:10 p.m.

I've been trying to learn to accept new things. Work has been weird this week because almost everyone on our full time staff is home sick or home with a sick child. So I have been having to work with people that I normally only have to deal with on the weekends when it is much different. But it has been okay, a welcome change actually. Not only do I get to exert my expertise and power, but I also get to change it up a little bit you know. And it's nice to work with people that HAVE to make an effort to do a good job. I think our full time staff has gotten lazy. So work is good.

What I can not find a good thing amidst the chaos and change is the gym. I am totally pissed at them right now and wish like hell that I hadn't only paid $200 for two years because I would totally be demanding my money back right now. I am in panic mode because I have not been able to work out, with my full routine, in over six weeks now because they ALWAYS have something (right now it is six machines to which they have nothing comparable to substitute) out. I am pissed. I hate them.

In other news. It snowed good today. I told Boy not to drive down from Muskegon for the night because I was worried about him driving back to work in the morning. I think this is good too. As much as I want to see him I think it is good for both of us to ease into his being here. I get far too tired. He gets far too tired. This visit he and I need to concentrate on not overdoing everything. I need to keep myself well rested (especially since I am the only one not yet struck down with that illness at work) and I need to not get fat this time while he is here. So again, there is something good in the midst of bad.

I am avoiding laundry right now.

And I am missing all my software to make things like cards and t-shirts. I REALLY need to find that stuff. Imperative.

My BeDazzled apron got made fun of a lot today. Men especially. They thought they were being really cute and original when they asked if I was trying to draw attention to my groin (where the apron falls). Fuckers. I hate men. I really, really hate men. Except my boyfriend and my brother and a few other men in my life who have never done anything remotely man like to make me hate them. Not that they aren't MANLY MEN, they just don't act like idiots.

Men are idiots.



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