2003-12-16 - 8:39 p.m.

You is totally exciting to realize that within the next two years I WILL be moving someplace. What is even more exciting than that is that I get excited every time the Boy mentions another possibility for where we will go. A couple months ago it looked like it was going to be Brazil, but that seems as though it is fizzling out. I was okay with Brazil, not exactly comfortable with Brazil, but okay and actually excited about that possibility. Today he tells me that there might be a job in Michigan opening up. Not that he has been offered the job or would even take it if he were offered it, but the idea that we could end up ANYWHERE is extremely exciting to me. Even if it is only 100 miles from where I am now. I like this idea, this not knowing where you will be in two years thing. Which surprises me because I HATE surprises. Typically I think of myself as someone who likes to know every last detail RIGHT NOW. But I guess I DO know that I WILL be leaving this stupid ass place and that I WILL be moving to be WITH THE BOY. So I do KNOW something, I just don't know the logistics of that something.

Anyway. I BeDazzled the HELL out of my work aprons tonight. I have way exceeded my ten items of flare. I am all flare now. Flare here, flare there, flare everywhere.

Speaking of work. We have so many people out sick right now that the only option to fill in as a waitress today was our busboy who has never waited a table in his life. Sad thing is that he was better than eighty percent of the servers we have on staff. Sadder yet, if I could pick who I worked with every day he would be my first pick. He REALLY kicked ass.

I am going to bed now.

Maybe. I knew I shouldn't have gone to the coffee shop after work.



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