2003-09-18 - 5:52 p.m.

I'm so fat right now that my belly button ring popped right out of my stomach. Okay, so I lost the bead for it a few months ago and so it is possible that it just slipped out somewhere, but I am pretty convinced it is my gigantic, Eric has been here for three weeks and I have done nothing but eat decadent dinners with beer and wine and have done little exercise except for half assed attempts to go to the gym instead of rushing home to see him, belly.

He left yesterday and normally I could gain some control over the fatness thing. best friend arrives in the morning from Iowa and I am sitting here wishing like hell she would have picked next weekend to come here instead so I could at least have a few days of no wining and dining.

Boy has been presenting me with some pretty convincing ideas concerning my moving to France. Boy may be insane and I may be more insane for actually believing that I might be able to pull that off. There is just the sticky little fact that I am unable to work there and would essentially be becoming a housewife with no income of her own.

Is that really possible?

In the meantime, I am off to my stupid ass French class.



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