2002-04-29 - 3:22 p.m.

Note to one's self: While painting a ceiling, beer, a ladder, a phone and Jewel do not make a healthy combination.

I was happily painting my ceiling today after drinking two Newcastles within an hour when the phone that was attached to my belt loop rang. As I reached for the talk button I realized that I had my Jewel CD blaring on the stereo. Doing what anyone who is embarrassed by their like of Jewel would do, I started for the stereo to turn it off before answering the phone. Only, I forgot I was on a ladder. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! DO NOT STEP OFF A LADDER AS THOUGH YOU ARE ON SOLID GROUND! Needless to say I will not be wearing shorts for a long time because of the bruises and scrapes I now have, and I threw the Jewel CD away.

Right now I am writing this with a baby bunny on my lap. My cats kidnapped it this afternoon and I am trying to figure out what to do with it. I have a call in to the Nature Center, though it has been my experience that they won't call back for about two days. So I am looking up baby rabbit stuff on-line. Not much information. I think he is big enough to be on his own so later this afternoon I will probably bring him down the road to the spot I think my cats abducted him from. He's a cute little guy. I wish I could keep him.

Must return to painting now. I am SOOOO kicking ass on my delinquent to-do list. Mailed in stuff for my birth certificate so I can get my passport, got my plates renewed, house is almost finished though it would be helpful if I didn't decide I didn't like a color AFTER I have painted the whole room. I am in the middle of repainting the dining room which I painted just last week.

Everyone should buy the Pete Yorn CD. Holy cow! I'm so in love with it.


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