2022-12-29 - 12:13 a.m.

The cats are acting like morons. There is a warm-up on the literal horizon and they are all over it, their spidey sense are a-tingle. It's going to be a long night. I'm not thrilled with the weather being bestowed upon us at the current moment or what's coming for the next week. It's been bitterly cold with actual blizzard warnings but it's mostly just been bitterly cold with the merest amount of snow, but just enough to make the zeppelin killing winds make the roads treacherous and desolate. I don't mind the desolate driving conditions, but I hate the weather that makes you have to stop a little on the highway to make sure you're kind of in a lane. I just want a bunch of snow, a nice dig-out so the roads are clear and a nice constant 32 degrees and sunshine. If I'm getting this horrible weather we've had and absolutely no sunshine, I'll take the 50 degrees it's going to be for the next week and just deal with asshole cats.

Work has been crazy. Yesterday and today were like the busiest of weekend nights. Absolutely packed. I wish it could be like that every night. Minus the table of six women at table one. They can go to hell and stay there.

Today I ate lunch and half of a salad for dinner. And I got new work shoes. I think I might be stepping back into some sort of reality. It feels weird.


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