2022-12-23 - 10:08 p.m.

Oh, don't mind me. I just have someone in my life with a big thing going on of which I'm not to speak of and I, personally, have a fractured spine on top of my hearing troubles. But, we're all fine. It's really just wake up and do what you can sort of do thing right now. And, well, I was plodding along neatly and judiciously and am now struck down by the damn stupid ass go to hell and die virus. Which puts a big dent in my momentum.


So I'm currently just boiling myself in the bath with an entire bag of Epsom salt and drinking the whole half gallon of Uncle Mattie's organic elderberry orange juice for dinner.

But, otherwise, everything is fucking fine. (Kitties are good and their stockings are hung up and almost full.)


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