2022-11-20 - 4:57 p.m.

Yesterday there was some big Christmas market thing going on in Brighton and they shut the streets down. There were a billion people waking around with reindeer antler headbands and Christmas sweaters on and it was snowing like crazy. For a second there, I felt a little festive. The restaurant is all decorated and pretty (I do like sparkly things and Christmas lights) and I was working with a nice crew for both shifts and it was happy, kind of normal (we had a 95 top at 12:30 which took up most of the restaurant but we got them in and out in an hour and half) day but a little nicer than usual. But then, 4:00 descended upon us and the kids parade let out and we got absolutely jam packed full of groups with a billion kids. It was a very intense hour and a half. The good thing about this was that Santa was arriving in Brighton at 5:30. So although we were at capacity very quickly at 4:00 and still had a line out the door, we turned and burned those f'rs. And then still had a normal dinner service. It was pretty amazing. And all the adults were getting takeout cocktails to take with them so they added to check totals. I made a lot of money in two hours. The only downside to all of this mayhem and crowded spaces is that everybody is sniffly and I got coughed on by a baby who then reached out and grabbed my hand. Half of my coworkers are sick. I've been washing my hands like crazy and taking more vitamins than necessary and I'll probably start living on garlic for a bit. Because I can't. I CAN NOT get sick.

I'm going to New Orleans on the 1st. I bought my ticket, arranged a cat sitter and I am already packing my bags. I'm very excited.

I haven't been out of state except twice in FOURTEEN YEARS. I do go see my brother in Illinois and have to pass through Indiana to get there and I have been in Ohio a bit to do things like see my Scorpions and go to Cedar Point. But I don't consider those states to be out of state. Anyway, I've NEVER been to New Orleans. So I am very excited about that. In the past I have always said that I had no desire to go there. And I really didn't want to, I think I was still in carnival trauma land from living in Sitges and that's all I could think about when thinking about New Orleans. And vampires, I'm not a fan of vampires but that's because I traumatized my own self being obsessed with Ann Rice and Bram Stokers Dracula in the 90's. It's not exactly a Whisper friendly place, I don't think. But Whisper of today is kind of needing a bunch of change and New Orleans sounds like the perfect place for me at the moment. And, and, and. I get to meet my person in person. My person in person.

So that is all. Cats are good. Grouchy because of the weather but good. I was supposed to go grocery shopping after work today for thanksgiving stuff but it was the first sunny day I've seen in a good long while. I didn't want to spend the last remaining hour of daylight in a grocery store. It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, too. But I have to go to the hospital for some X-rays and to get my physical therapy set up. I'll probably end up hoarding hours of sunlight by instacarting my thanksgiving food stuff list and having to pick up another shift to pay for it. Good lord.


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