2022-11-12 - 12:35 a.m.

When I left my last job the thing I was most concerned about was the salad dressing situation. I love the citrus vinaigrette at that restaurant. And the coleslaw dressing, which I can basically just drink without any delivery method. I mean, I cared that I was kind of jobless for a second there. And I also was kind of ripped away from a sort of "family". But I was very upset about not having my salad dressing readily available. I have the recipes. It just doesn't taste the same when I make it. So there was a moment of devastation and plotting as to how I was going to be able to keep myself stocked with dressing. I can't really just buy a bottle of it because I'm a single person and it takes forever to get through anything. I used to just bring a little 2 ounce ramekin home every week and that would get me through. A bottle would go bad in about a week, it's all fresh ingredients. And I'm not driving to Novi once a week for a 2 ounce ramekin if dressing no matter how much I love it. Anyway, my new job has a honey mustard vinaigrette that I'm obsessed with. I'm terrified to ask if it's house made because I don't want to know that it comes from a big plastic container, which I suspect it does.

I'm tired. I've worked a lot this week. I have a double starting in 8 hours. I've been eating and taking vitamins and I drank a gallon of water yesterday and again today. My skin better plump the f up. I'm trying to cut out my pot of coffee a day thing. Or, caffeine in general except for a cup or two. So a coffee in the morning and jasmine green tea in the afternoon. And water, either soda water with lemon or mint leaves steeped in hot water or just chugged from the bottle.

I'm still waiting for one cat straggler to get in for the night. It's cold out. I can't believe he isn't in. I got my stuff to get my internet set back up. Hopefully on Sunday I'm not in a complete overworked coma and I can get all my cameras set back up so I don't have to get out of my cozy bed to check the door for straggler cats.

That is all. In love. Cats are fine. I still have no winter shoes.


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