2022-11-08 - 7:47 p.m.

My mother is sick. It's been a couple weeks of a bunch of unknown and lots of driving and just stuff. She's been in the hospital on a restricted diet for renal failure and one of things on her diet plan was a blueberry muffin. So I got her a fancy one at my favorite spot in Kalamazoo and one for myself. But she's been really diligent about this menu and wouldn't go near the muffin I smuggled in. So I've had these two muffins back and forth and everywhere with me for a week. And I've been emergency snacking on them. I got them last Wednesday and so far they have been to the hospital, to my work, home, my moms house and just chilling in the car. It heralds back to a time when my ex husband brought me a huge bar of hazelnut dark chocolate from Italy and I just carried it all over the place with me eating little bites here and there. My brother asked one day, "where did you get this big piece of dirty chocolate?" Now I have blueberry muffins. Anyway, my mother was released yesterday. We have a long road ahead of us but she's home. I planned to get rid of the emergency muffins today when I, myself, got home. The raccoons surely need something other than meow mix and box elder bugs. But I'm so tired and starving and have no energy to cook food that I ate the last bits of week old, well traveled muffin for dinner.

I'm still in total love. I can't hear the word Texas without falling into full swoon. There is a radio station I listen to from Kalamazoo to Lansing and they have a commercial set of three things and they all say the word Texas and I almost have to pull over whenever they start it. It starts with Texas Roadhouse and then something else that says Texas and then flights from Grand Rapids to Texas and I just freak out. Why am I not in Texas yet?

Kitties are fine. Yesterday was a bit of an emergency situation with them. I thought I was coming home last night but couldn't. So Toot was out all night. And they didn't have all their usual food. My neighbor is coming by on Thursday to be shown all the things and then it will be better. And it better snow soon so I don't have to worry about this crap for a couple months. It will be really nice to just have the cats settled into their heating pads.


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