2022-10-19 - 7:50 p.m.

Three days off in a row was amazing. I did get some stuff accomplished on Sunday but I destroyed it all by Monday after I made two different kinds of soup, pasta sauce, lentil gravy and a bunch of pickled stuff. My kitchen was spotless Sunday night and by the end of Monday...uh, not so much. I had my hearing aid appointment on Monday. And, it was both very depressing and very magical. The hearing aids definitely help, like a miracle. For the hour or so I was in the appointment wearing the test hearing aids, I could hear! For the first time in almost a year! It was incredible. Unfortunately, my insurance covers none of it. So I have to come up with $7000. I've been referred to an agency to help me get financial aid for this but it can take up to 6 months. So now I just wait. I was VERY sad after that appointment. So I came home and cooked my sorrows away.

Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday. Well. Tuesday. A lot happened. I guess I'm not really ready to put it down yet...but, to keep my place for myself so I know I have to come back to this in the next few days. There is a piece of drama removed from my life. And I woke up this morning with a very clear idea of the path I am now on in my life with plans and goals and everything. It's exciting.

Work is fine. I started tending bar today. It felt incredibly good to be back behind a bar. I am NOT cut out to be a server. I don't know how those who love it, love it. I won't be able to be a full time bartender at this job, yet. I'll have to wait my turn. There are four full time bartending positions there and they are fully staffed. Only one of them is thinking about cutting her hours, and I'll get them...but in the meantime, I'll just be the fill in, cover person which will probably get me two shifts a week. I'll have to suffer and have my other four shifts be dreaded serving shifts. Let it be known, dear universe, that I am coveting the full time day time bartender position and I will sell a portion of my soul to get it (as long as the current day bartender leaves only because he found a better job).

Anyway. I got off work and was starving (the irony of working in a restaurant is that you are always starving) so all the way home I thought about how nice it would be to get a pizza and get in bed and watch some movies. But pizza always makes me feel terrible unless I make it all myself. So I got home and made dough and I have the sauce I made Monday and the pizza is all ready to go in the oven...but I ate a billion hazlenuts on my drive home (because I was starving) and now I'm not hungry and the unbaked pizza will probably go in the fridge with the rest of the food I've made this week that I haven't eaten. Sigh.

Kitties are good. I think they are happy to have me home four nights in a row. I love winter kitties. They are so much better behaved than summer kitties. It's good to just have a bunch of kitties sprawled out on heating pads. They are already getting a bit antsy, though. Potato Alan runs to the door every five seconds and him in and out and in and out. And he just runs full speed out the door and stops dead in his tracks when he realizes how chilly it is. It's pretty funny.


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