2022-09-22 - 4:55 p.m.

I started my new job yesterday. I was very nervous. Not about the job, per se, but just about the disaster that kind of seemed to be following me whenever I did anything to get started working there. My first interview day, I lost my car and had to call the police to help me find it. In my defense, the restaurant doesn't have a parking lot, it's all public parking or street parking and it's a busy town. And I am very unfamiliar with the area. Although I live only 15-20 minutes away, I NEVER go to Brighton. Because I hardly ever go out and if I do go out it's usually on the other side of the state or in the Detroit area. Anyway, I think I've only ever been to Downtown Brighton once. And that was 15 years ago. So, I was wildly lost.

The second time I went to that restaurant for my first, first day. I had a seizure within the first hour of being there and don't remember anything after that for probably the next week. Somebody managed to find my car and get it to my house and my purse and phone were brought to me at the hospital though I have absolutely no recollection of where I had left those. And I'm not ready to ask people questions yet, about that time.

Anyway. For whatever reason, they really wanted me to come back and work there once my black eyes healed and I felt strong enough. So, yesterday I had my second first day. I was filled with trepidation. I arrived 20 minutes early so I could just relax for a bit and get my bearings and memorize where my car was and to text some people to tell them that if they haven't heard from by six to start calling the hospitals. Gosh, I was so nervous. I was training to be the opener which meant the restaurant would be locked and like all little details, that's what gave me the most anxiety. I didn't know how to get in. At the restaurant I used to work at we would just pound relentlessly at the back door until someone let us in. Imagine my surprise at this new restaurant where they not only have a clearly marked employee entrance only but it was also open. It's a big restaurant. Huge, actually. So when I walked in that entrance, I had no idea which way to turn or go. Fortunately, I heard voices (they were talking about me and my fall, lol) and followed the sound and then I was in and there and it was all going well and I was feeling a little less nervous about disaster striking just around the time that a huge hail storm came ripping through town. I kind of just stood there just waiting to be struck down by whatever it is following me to that restaurant. But it passed and the shift went well and I'm confident that it's going to be a good job. Just one day there and I already know I'm going to be much happier than I was at DJB. I knew I worked for and with some toxic people but it took getting out of there to really see it. I'm grateful to my inner self that made me burn this shit down even if I do have a disaster to clean up now. So the day went well, the only problem I had was carrying a large tray and the tray Jack and setting it up. It's not something I've ever done. None of the jobs I've ever worked at have been tray jobs. I can stack an eight top on arms and walk through a billion people and not pay attention to the plates lining my arms and filling my hands...but give me a big tray with four plates on it and, well, there were a couple near disasters. I ended up taking one of the big trays and put four empty plates on it and just practiced for a while walking around the restaurant with a tray of empty plates and randomly stopping at an empty table to set the tray jack up and set the tray down and "serve" the table their empty plates. I feel like I improved a bit but man, that's a difficult skill we all take for granted. I'll be happy to get to bartending instead of waiting tables. I won't have to deal with the big trays very much when I'm behind the bar. So I got off work and was very glad that nothing disastrous had occurred and I was driving along the highway, smiling and calming down and the semi in front of me blew two tires. I don't know if you've ever been in that situation, this is my second time, but it is loud and it is scary. Definitely not something someone who has had jagged nerves all day already wants to witness. Ugh. But I got home, talked to my love (oh do I love him)for a second on the phone while I sat in my car to decompress. It was really hot yesterday and I didn't end up doing much in terms of cleaning or organizing the house (something I'm trying to work on every day) but I did complete one project that makes me very happy. Then I had a nice talk with my love again and fell asleep and actually slept through the night for once.

Today is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day. Sixty degrees, clear skies, a little breeze. I was scheduled to train again today but thank goodness the owner said I didn't need another training day and to take the day off and come in Saturday to run food and take my food test and then I'll be on the schedule for next week and making some money finally. I am so happy that I get to be home today. This is perfect weather. I've been taking little walks and studying the food specs for my test while sitting outside drinking mint tea. It's just lovely. The kitties seem to enjoy it all, too. I set up some of their heating pads and I walked into their bedroom a little while ago and there were six cats piled up on one heating pad. So I guess I need to dig out the rest of the heating pads.

None of this is really what I came here to write. I wanted to write about the giant bird I watched drag a dead raccoon to the side of the road because the bird was getting annoyed by all the cars and that it had to keep flying away from its feast. So he took his feast somewhere more peaceful so he could carrion on with his jackpot. I also wanted to write about how much I despise seasonal decorations. Except for stockings at Christmas.


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