2022-09-18 - 8:06 p.m.

I keep thinking that I'm not having very accomplished days. But the truth is, I'm waking at 8 am and except for 10-15 minute breaks every three hours, I'm working straight through until 8-10pm. It's just a lot of stuff that needs to be done. But I'm definitely making progress.

I start my job on Wednesday morning. I'm already a nervous wreck. But I don't really care. I just want to get through the training and get behind the bar where I'm comfortable and good at my job. I suck as a server. It's way too boring for me. And now that I am not drinking, I have massive amounts of unused energy and I know that if I'm not in constant motion, I'm going to get really agitated. That is why the only serving job I ever liked was when I worked at the breakfast restaurant. You never stop moving at a popular breakfast restaurant.

Tomorrow I have a massage. I have 12 credits at the massage place in Novi. Tomorrow I will use 2 of them and then I'm planning to transfer the other 10 to one of their other locations and then I am NEVER going back to Novi ever, ever again. Last time I left a job in Novi I said the same thing and I lasted about 4 years until I took that stupid job at that evil restaurant. Novi sucks. My new job is the same distance from my house but west. And Brighton is much more my type of place. Novi is just awful and I won't miss anything by staying out of it. I think the hospital that I go to for labs, mammograms and my ENT is technically Novi but it's close enough to being right out of Wixom that I'll just pretend.

Back to cleaning. I'm pretty sure I'm giving up for the night but maybe I can squeak another hour out of my old body.


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