2022-09-11 - 11:36 a.m.

I've been trying to not be a vindictive bitch to that stupid restaurant that I gave eleven years of my life to. I could, for example, apply at three different restaurants in the general vicinity and most likely get the job and for sure steal my entire bar crowd. They have all said as much and, in fact, most of them have said they didn't really care for the restaurant in the first place and just came in to see me. Walt and Nancy would be thrilled if I went to another restaurant in the town center so they could resume Whisper Wednesdays, for example. But I'm not doing that. For one thing, it's been nice not dealing with that traffic five days a week. But, also, it would make me feel petty to do that.

I also have $150 in gift cards from that stupid restaurant. Over the years the owner has given me gift cards on a couple occasions when I was going to be out in the area of our sister restaurants. The gift cards are usable at three locations, including the one I was booted from. So I was thinking about going in this week and ordering $100 of salad dressing and coleslaw dressing just to be annoying (I do love both, though, and miss it), and leave $50 to pay for Stacey's dinner and drinks. (She has always tipped all of us very well so I'd like to do something for her). But, instead, I'm just going to leave the $50 for Stacey and give the $100 to my neighbors and just learn how to make the two dressings. I've gotten pretty close on the citrus vinaigrette. But I can't get close on the slaw dressing, it's so good, I've been known to literally drink it out of a glass. Anyway, there's no way I'm letting those cards go unused. If I didn't get them used somehow, that's just means an extra $150 to the restaurant. And that's not happening on my watch. But I won't be annoying about it.

So. During the pandemic, while I was the only one working, I started a Facebook group so we could all keep in touch and blah blah blah. It's well used still. So because I'm the boss of that page, this morning I deleted it and nobody can use it anymore. It made me feel good. Fuckers.

I'm having pizza in Paw Paw tonight (I think) and playing rummy (I think). Tomorrow I have lunch (at two) with some people from high school and on Tuesday I'm going to Milford to my job interviews and to try to get some bank stuff accomplished and go fight with unemployment some more and visit my cats for a while. I might end up staying the night there depending on how much I get accomplished on Tuesday. This unemployment crap took up five hours the other day while I was there.

Anyway, it's VERY humid in Michigan today. Every single thing is covered in a layer of damp. And, of course, this is the day my little cat Beaker has decided to stop following my little brother everywhere and be a mama's boy again. He's been glued to me all morning. And I don't want to get out of bed because it's been a long week of him ignoring me. So we're just laying in a swampy bed while I read magazines and call for my mother to bring me more coffee.


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