2022-08-28 - 8:48 p.m.

I'm getting a bit stir crazy. Keeping me in this place isn't helping anything. I'm getting agitated easily and my family isn't helping the matter. Just let me get out of here, have a normal day where I don't have to have permission to get out of bed, where I don't have to have an escort to the bathroom who stands outside the curtain, where I don't have to be hooked to all these wires or hear all these beeps and bloops and sirens.

As far as the walking goes, I feel like the walker they make me use is slowing my progress. It's time for me to take some steps, unhindered, to get my strength and gait back. That's not going to happen if I'm just laying in bed all day except for the one excursion they take me on around the desk every day. And when I'm not on that excursion, I have to be on the motion sensor on the bed, if I move off it, even if I'm still on the bed, I get yelled at by the nurses desk. Today I scooted to the end of the bed to throw away a dirty Kleenex. The throw would have been just out of reach from the motion pad so I stayed on the damn bed but scooted to the end and I heard an instant,"WHISPER!!!! What do you think you're doing??".

Anyway, they've been taking really good care of me. They really have. Other than sequestering me to a bed. They are all so nice. And they are all hyper efficient. I've never seen such a well oiled machine and friendly group of people. I would highly suggest this hospital, floor two especially.

So, my family is pissed at me like they never could have been, but they are still standing by me. My brother is headed to see me tomorrow and then he's going to my house in Milford to assess everything that needs to be done. And a lot needs to be done. A lot. They don't want me to return there until it's cleaned and fixed up. It's a disaster. But I'm going to anyway. I mean, it's going to be a lot different than the the last week I spent in this hospital. I did get pretty spoiled even if it's going to cost me a billion dollars and I had to stay in bed.

I'm still very much in love. I shall do all of this for him. Maybe I can get my Texan to move to Michigan.


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