2022-08-18 - 2:18 p.m

I know I will have a job, somewhere, within a day. I'm not really worried about that. What I am worried about is location. I'm pretty sick of driving through this construction traffic. But the most lucrative spots necessitate a drive. I have lots of decisions to make in the next hour. Do I go west or east or just stay in town? I hated my job when I did work in town. It wasn't a restaurant, it was a grocery store and I was the manager of the cheese department. It was boring and I spent most of my time in either the cooler or a freezer doing inventory. So even though I run hot by nature, I was frozen for three years. And the owners were not great. But I loved that I could be home in five minutes at any given time. So I'm giving serious consideration to pummeling downtown with my resume, although I won't make as much money as I would at the other four places I'm intending to apply at today.

Every single person at the restaurant is very upset about my termination. One of the cooks called me this morning, sobbing about it. None of this makes any sense other than they are scared of a law suit because of my ears. I really was trying to be nice and decent but they can burn down with the rest of this now.

Cats are fine. I'm not. But I am in love. So I have that going for me.


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